Community Services

In addition to routine curricular activities and teaching learning process, the college always gives emphasis on community development works. In order to achieve this
along with inculcation of human values and social commitment among the students, the college encourages the students to take part in various programmes like Environment Awareness, Health Awareness, Legal Awareness, Blood donation camp, AIDS Control Programme, Disaster Management Programme, Women Empowerment Seminar, Literacy programme, Sanitation and cleanliness drive etc. As far as co-curricular extension services are concerned, the college has an NSS Unit which organize and conduct different social and community service activity in and outside the college on different occasion. A good proportion of students are actively inspired to take part in different social extension and community service activities organized by the NSS unit of the college. The aim of the college is not to produce graduates having theoritical
knowledge only, but they are inculcated with moral and human values with a commitment in nation building.